The Political Compass is Worse Than Useless

The Unists

The left/right paradigm is the Overton window of the world. Almost everyone limits their thinking of politics to that of the left and the right. The ‘Political Compass’ has emerged in the past two decades as a popular way by which people identify their political position, usually by taking a rudimentary test online. This compass has the x-axis, left/right economics, and the y-axis, authoritarian/libertarian government. It seems like an intuitively sensible way to think about the world and it is even fun to take the tests and identify yourself as this or that. There are many young people who latch on to these identities and put so much importance in them that it becomes a sort of astrology. However, I believe it is actually worse than useless as a way to think about the world and it actually induces a sort of neurotic brain-rot, as all inherently contradictory systems of…

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